The Washington Women for Choice mission is to support pro-Choice, Democratic candidates (whether incumbent or challenger) into the office of the U.S. Senate.  This mission reflects the reality of reproductive rights in this country: the Democratic Party and the U.S. Senate represent the last lines of defense in the fight for legislation and judicial appointments that preserve and protect a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her health and her body.

Washington Women for Choice supports its mission by:

 Creating a forum where important issues affecting the nation can be discussed directly with political leaders

Providing a vehicle for women to engage in the political process

Raising awareness about the ongoing legislative and judicial threats to reproductive freedoms

Increasing the number of women in Washington State who actively support individuals running for federal office

Support Choice today!

Washington Women for Choice is a political action committee formed in Washington State to support pro-choice, Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate. We are supported by our members.